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Tube Manipulation


When it comes to tube bending and manipulation, you need a company with years of experience and quality equipment, who can offer you an extensive range of different services designed to benefit your company. At Multiform Tubes, this is exactly what we offer. We provide an extensive range of services which means we are able to cover the needs of all customers, no matter what they may be. No matter what material, shape or thickness is needed, we are able to handle the order and provide you with decorative or functional tubing to fulfil your exact requirements.

The design stage is the initial part of the process, and we take the time to understand exactly what our customers require so we can produce the most accurate parts and components for them. We will discuss the specifications of the project, work out dimensions and tolerances, and make sure that all important details are covered. This preparation allows for excellent final results.

When we understand exactly what the customer needs, we can move onto the manufacturing stage. We offer tubing in a diverse range of different materials, thicknesses and dimensions, and make use of state of the art equipment so we can bend and manipulate it to a very accurate degree. From sharp angles to tight spirals produced during the ring rolling process, the tubes can be bent into any shape or configuration.

Once the tubes have been bent into the required shapes, we can adapt and adjust them in almost any way you wish. We can carry out tube reduction or expansion to ensure tight fits between tubes, drill accurately placed holes into the tubing and complete tube swaging, which adapts the interior shape and dimension of the tube. We can also coat and galavanise tubes for extra strength and durability, or simply for decorative purposes. As well as the tubular components themselves, we specialise in welded fabrication which allows us to deliver finished products to our customers.

Every process is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that the tubes are manipulated to fulfil your needs while remaining highly strong, durable and hardwearing. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built for our tube manipulation services and we aim to continue providing our customers with the best, no matter what they ask of us. Get in touch if you'd like to enquire about any of the specific services we can offer you.

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